What sets us apart from other companies in the industry is our commitment to quality products, quality workmanship and quality service. Spray foam insulation is a large part of our business, due to it's energy efficiency, quality and return on investment. Demilec is the spray foam product that we use due to it's hign R-values and quality. We do offer many options as well as spray foam. 


Energy Smart offers a full line of insulation products:


Spray foam insulation- open cell & closed cell  

Traditional Batt insulation

Blown cellulose insulation

Blown fiberglass insulation

Conventional batt insulation

Roxul- Rock wool



We can always offer multiple options for your insulation projects. Many times we will use a Hybrid, which is a combination of spray foam and batt insulation. By doing this you have the superior qualities of the spray foam and we can make it more within budget when needed. We compromise nothing.